Why should patients and the public be concerned about animal research?


Scientific publications report evidence that animal studies (experiments) are unreliable because:


•   The methods used are inadequate

•   The research lacks scientific rigor

•   The results often fail to predict what will happen in humans


This has led to:


•   A waste of valuable resources and research funding

•   The harming of patients and research volunteers

•   Delay or loss in finding effective cures and treatments



The 10Rs+ Strategy will achieve the following:


•   Improve the safety and effectiveness of medical research

•   Protect patients and research volunteers from unsound research

•   Determine and monitor the value of animal research to human health

•   Help to prevent waste of funding and resources in medical research



Stakeholders (the public, healthcare consumers, patient groups, funders, science institutions, medical journals, researchers, government, regulators, industry and animal protection groups) to debate, improve are invited to support the 10Rs+ Strategy.  




• December 2018




Questioning the reliability of animal research for human health.

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